Millcreek Mining Group’s professionals have practical experience in mine closure and reclamation. We have led successful closure efforts at operating mines, and have supported our clients in optimizing their approach to mine closure. From successful release of bonding obligations through to devising innovative and cost effective solutions to closure problems, we understand that mine closure and reclamation is a fundamental component of a mine’s economic life.

We have the experience to support the following efforts:

  • Reclamation and mine closure planning
  • Closure cost optimization
  • Underground mine seal design
  • Fluvial geomorphology (‘Natural Regrade’) approaches to post-mining surface design
  • ML – ARD tailings and waste management
  • Cost estimation and scheduling
  • Permit and regulatory compliance management
  • ARO estimation
  • Bond estimation
  • Abandoned mine closure
  • Contractor selection and management, “owner’s engineer”

For additional details on our mine closure and reclamation experience, please request a copy of the resumes of our key personnel.